I asked my non-ED friends what they think about Whole 30 and they went off

The other night, one of my closest friends, Danielle, messaged me on instagram saying “can you PLEASE do a blog on why I hate Whole 30?”

I took a screen shot and posted it to my story in hopes of showing others that even people who aren’t in recovery and aren’t super involved in the anti-diet scene can see how unhealthy these types of diets are.

Within a few hours, I had a bunch of messages from my friends saying that they would also love to tell me why they hate Whole 30. Naturally, I asked them to all share their thoughts and feelings because I knew it’d be good for a post.

The recovery community and the anti-diet community are pretty much the outliers. We exist in these communities where people work towards body acceptance instead of body control, they fuel themselves instead of punishing themselves, and we exist knowing that our worth stretches far beyond our bodies.

The rest of the world…not so much. I’m blessed to have amazing and supportive friends and family who are pretty darn woke about this stuff, but it’s always great to have someone message me and say “look at this disordered thing I saw today!” or “you’ll never believe the stupid diet trend I heard about!”

Quite simply put, it feels great to play a small role in spreading awareness about the toxicity of diet culture and how it’s possible to live in a place of body peace.

But…on to the real reason I’m writing this blog. Here are some of the responses from my friends as to why they hate Whole 30.

whole 30 is dumb (1).png

“To me there’s a way to eat healthy and it’s not by taking away everything for the sake of a diet. People at work always talk about their Whole 30 diet and first of all, it makes everyone else feel weird for enjoying the food they want to enjoy, and also I don’t care about your diet. When other people diet, it makes me wonder if I should be too.”

“It’s a restrictive diet that cuts out so many foods that are really good for you. I personally think it’s a fad diet and unrealistic.”

“Whole 30 seems dumb to me because it’s so short. I understand wanting to do something for your health, but I read a quote that says restriction is the unhealthiest and most stressful thing you can put your mind through.”

“My biggest issue is that it actively cuts out food that is known to be good for you. Beyond the argument that all food is good food, which I wholeheartedly support, this diet cuts out, for example, beans, which are FULL OF NUTRIENTS. With, as I understand, no science to back it up and stating only that they’re high in fat. Yeah, but guess what? They’re also full of other nutrients and you need fat in your diet!”

“It demonizes food that shouldn’t be demonized. And lets’ face it, no food should be demonized, but the thing that makes me extra mad is that it demonizes foods that are high in nutritional value like cheese, dairy products, sugars and complex carbs.”

“Of all the fad diets, Whole 30 is THE ABSOLUTE worst and most annoying in my opinion.”

Well it’s still a diet, and really restrictive! I understand that some people have sensitivities to certain foods. It’s another fad diet where people avoid complex carbs…but I need them because I don’t feel full without them. I’m hungry after 30 minutes.”

So there you have it. Even my friends who aren’t in recovery and aren’t really “in this world” understand the dangers of this diet and can point out why it’s disordered. Sure, they may be a little more knowledgeable because a lot of them have been listening to me complain about diet culture for the past 5-10 years, but you get the gist.


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