What I did in March

This last month has been busy for me. I feel like I haven’t been writing on here as much as I used to and that makes me really *REALLY* sad because writing is something I love and this blog is something I’ve always wanted to do.

That all being said, I’m a grad student, I work, I have a life outside of my blog/instagram. Here’s what’s been going on lately.

We’ve had a lot of snow in Boston this year. I am not a huge fan of the snow, and in fact, at this point I’m actually kind of angry that it’s not just spring already.


People always ask “what’s the worst part of living in New England?” The answer is simple: shoveling your car out after a Boston blizzard. Here’s an actual picture of me thinking about doing this.

At the end of February and then again in mid-March I had a weekend class, which quite literally kicked the shit out of me. Grad school is intense enough as is but then have a class from 5pm-10pm on Friday, and 9-6 on Saturday and Sunday and you’ll basically want to just sleep for a week.

The good news, however, is that I get credits done sooner and am closer to being a real-life therapist.

The not so great part of weekend classes is that it totally messes with my routine, and if you know me even in the slightest, you know that I am type (CAPITAL) A and I really love routine.

My weekend is totally my time to recharge and I really actually dislike giving it up to sit in class, even if the class is fun and cool. I’d rather be hanging out with Logan and my friends and watching planes.


In March I ate a really great (and photogenic) bagel sandwich from this place called Twin Donuts. It’s in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, and not only is all of their food super delicious but it’s out-of-this-world cheap. Logan and I will go and get bagel sandwiches, a donut dessert, and two iced coffees and it’s like not even $15.

Bagel sandwiches are another example of the “every food group in one meal” type of food that I am a HUGE fan of. To me it seems so convenient sometimes to just be able to eat “one” thing and be getting starch, protein, fat, diary, etc, etc. They’re also delicious so there’s that too.

ALSO in March my mom and step-dad came to visit which is always fun because they love delicious food as well (it runs in my family). Logan worked on Saturday night so I went to dinner just with them and my mom got me this dress for my birthday (which will be making it’s first worn-appearance when I head across the pond to Paris and London in May).


the pink dress hanging up is so cute but I am literally SO pale and it basically looked like a bathrobe 😦

I also got to see two of my really good friends that I don’t get to see too often (because this adult stuff makes you really busy), so we were able to grab lunch and we spent way more time talking than we did eating but the food was super good!









Logan and I finally put to use a gift card that his aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas so we went to a fancy restaurant and had fancy wine and fancy steak and it was SO GOOD. Here’s him looking real cute while drinking his (not fancy) beer. Also peep our empty plates because everything was divine.


I also got to have dinner with my friend Charlotte on multiple occasions, which happens every month. This month however we both celebrated special events so we went out and had Mexican food and margs, which was so good and makes me hungry as I type.


This place in Harvard Square called Felipe’s has the best Mexican food and their margs are so good. In the Summer they have this really cool little rooftop that’s all lit up and beautiful.

[Side note: as I was taking this picture, I said “wow your tacos are much more photogenic than my burrito,” and Charlotte offered to let me take a pic of just her tacos and PASS THEM OFF as my dinner on my insta. That’s a true friend. #doitforthegram]

I got a tattoo towards the end of the month and had a girl’s night with one of my best friends that I grew up with, and we ate really good sandwiches and a really good piece of cake that I was kind of mad about sharing with her. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My tattoo is so awesome and I am so happy (it’s my second) and it is really meaningful to me. It’s a french phrase that literally translates to “joy of living,” but it’s said to show that there is joy in life even though there is also suffering.








At the end of the month we headed home for Easter and I got to eat a lot of yummy food while I was there as well. My sister and I got to spend a night with my mom and Russell and have a delicious dinner and some ice cream after, and I also got to meet my sister’s new boyfriend. I got to see my aunts and uncles that I really only see around Christmas time now (spending holidays with your fam and your partner’s fam is TOUGH). IMG_0402.jpeg

Here’s a pic of me and my sister and our cousin on a beautiful Easter Sunday.

Other than that my mom made delicious food, we had lots of wine and dessert, and the holiday was successful. I had taco bell for dinner on Easter Sunday because Logan really wanted McDonald’s and a crunch wrap and baja blast sounded like the perfect way to end my night.

I’m now back and Boston and I am SO ready to finish this semester (and first year of grad school!!!) and to head to Paris with Logan in May.

What did you all do for Easter? Did you all eat yummy food in the month of March as well? I’d love to hear what you’ve all been up to lately!


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