Valentine’s Day!

Now that my fiance and I have been together for almost 4 years, Valentine’s Day is not at big of a deal as it used to be.

This Valentine’s Day we had a brunch date since my fiance is a sports writer and works nights (cause I guess that’s when sports games happen?).

We ended up going to this cute place attached to the Lenox Hotel called City Table. It was super yummy and we ate a lot of good food.


First, we ordered some mimosas because that was my one requirement: a place that had mimosas. Then we got a fruit platter because for some reason fruit sounded super good.

(Thank god Logan likes honeydew and cantaloupe because I sure as heck do not. I was happy to eat all of the pineapple + blueberries + strawberries and everything else haha) The yogurt was also yummy and I never really eat yogurt WITH fruit, but this combo was pretty good!


Then for our main course we both ordered breakfast sandwiches on croissants. Whenever I go out to eat for breakfast I have to decide if I’m more in the mood for an egg-based breakfast or a pancake-type breakfast.

I ordered a sausage, egg + cheese on a croissant and it came with homefries. It was delish (but was a little hard to eat at first. I started with a fork and knife but then just went full hands-on). I didn’t expect scrambled eggs (and actually would have preferred a fried egg), but it was still yummy. This would have been something that would have upset my ED a few years ago but as my fiance always says: “It’s a physical change, not a chemical change.”


After lunch we played some basketball, which has been a new thing for me lately. I used to play basketball in elementary school but pretty much quit sports in high school because I felt too self-conscious. I also was never *amazing* at sports, so I opted for theater and music instead.

Part of my new stage in recovery has been deciding how much exercise I can healthily handle right now. It can be easy to want to exercise for ED reasons, so I’m always super mindful of my intentions. Right now I really like biking and playing soccer (something I never ever did until last year) and basketball.

It’s harder right now to stay active because it’s winter here in Boston (and because I was in a fancy knee brace all Fall), but I do a fair amount of walking. I’ve ridden my bike a few times and played soccer maybe once since Christmas.

Something interesting with this new experiment with exercise has been the actual physical craving my body gets for movement. I never used to experience that because I would just force myself to work out. I probably used to experience it as a kid, and I would just go outside and play. It feels good to have that movement craving and I’m excited for the weather to keep getting nicer so I can keep moving!

How do you guys exercise and what’s your favorite non-gym way to be active? Hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!



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