Dumb fitness (and diet) trends that really make me roll my eyes

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through facebook, twitter, or any other social media platform and stumble upon the newest and stupidest fitness trends?

We’re obviously no stranger to the dumb ways of diet culture, but every once in a while I scroll across something *especially* stupid and I actually laugh out loud.

Most recently I saw something about the paper test? Like something about if you’re waist is thinner than a piece of 8×11 paper…and we’re talking if you’re standing straight ahead. Honestly, this one is just laughable.

This “fitness trend” (if you can even call it that) is really just a way to examine the way your body is built. I’m sure there are some petite women out there who’s waists are naturally that small, because that’s just their body type. Can you imagine, though, if someone who was tall and bigger bodied thought that this was ACTUALLY a measure of attractiveness, health, or beauty? Yikes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 8.47.31 PM

Enjoy this hilarious instagram picture from cosmo writer @5teviem pertaining to the stupid ass paper test.

Another ridiculously stupid one out there is waist trainers. I’ve heard of some waist trainers (aka seen them on the Kardashians) that are basically corsets. And I guess they’re basically supposed to make your waist smaller? I don’t even know what the point of them is, honestly.

I do know, however, that it sounds incredibly painful and counter-intuitive to shove your body into something too small for it to make it change it’s shape. When you say it like that, nothing sounds healthy or “trendy” about it.

Crossfit is another thing that I think is unhealthy. I’m all for moving your body if you enjoy it and if it *FEELS GOOD,* but honestly, I don’t know how crossfit could feel good. Isn’t the whole point of crossfit and soulcycle and orange theory fitness basically to just sweat a shit ton and hate yourself until it’s over? Image result for crossfit is stupid

I mean, that’s the only way I feel when I’ve done weird workout things. (And in my defense, I’ve only ever done one kickboxing classes and I hated it so much I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time and I never went back.)Image result for memes about crossfit


The thigh gap is another classic stupid fitness trend. A thigh gap is another thing like the paper test where it’s literally the most false measurement of any type of health or beauty. I have a very average body, and I’ve never had a thigh gap, even when I was sick.

In fact, most people only have a thigh gap when they bend forward or sit down and purposely pose their body to achieve one. That’s how most of those thigh gap photos that we see in thinspiration photos are posed.

A thigh gap is one of those things that you only have if it’s just a part of your body. I have a friend who has a “thigh gap,” though she would never call it that, because she has wider hips and it tall. It’s just the way her body is.

The fact that my friend has a space between her legs when she stands up and I don’t literally says nothing about who is healthy/not healthy and who is attractive/not attractive.

I’m also reaaaaally sick of reading/seeing/hearing about stupid diet trends that are just as bad as these fitness trends. Nowadays I feel like everyone is doing a juice cleanse and going vegan because they believe it’s *healthy.*

(Disclaimer: to the people who are vegan/vegetarian for ethical purpose, rock on. Do your thing. I personally believe that people in recovery should not partake in these food regimens because it can be harmful to their recovery. That’s just my opinion.)

But hey, all of these “fitness trends” are just parts of diet culture, right? I mean, that’s the whole point. Diet culture is a huge billion dollar industry that feeds off of people believing this shit. That’s why I hope when people read these blogs, they realize how ridiculous all of these trends are.

As for me, I’m more of a bike ride and the all food group kind of girl.

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