Here’s my problem with Halo Top

Fad foods are a thing. I get that. Halo top is the most recent one. All over Instagram and all over Facebook I see people eating their Halo Top talking about how delicious it is.

A relative of mine loves it. In fact, almost every time I talk to her on the phone, she excitedly asks if I’ve tried it yet, and I finally told her the other day why I haven’t.

Diet ice cream sounds inherently ridiculous to me. It is the exact reason I started this blog and my Instagram.

Image result for healthy eatingTo me, it seems obvious that our society, and diet culture in general, have a habit of moralizing food, when it fact, it’s all just FOOD. If you break down pretty much every thing you eat, it is all made up of the same food groups, dressed up in different ways.

Ice cream is a very important part of my diet, and I know that eating diet ice cream, whether people want to admit it or not, is somewhat disordered, or, at the very least, a dieting behavior.

I feel like eating diet ice cream is like buying an airline ticket to your favorite city for just your suitcase. Isn’t the whole idea of eating ice cream to enjoy the yummy deliciousness that is full-fat, creamy, dairy-filled, sugar-filled ice cream? What’s the point of having a yummy snack if it’s half-assed because you feel guilty?

Food guilt shouldn’t be a thing. I know it is, trust me, I get it, but ice cream is not the food to ruin.

And it bothers me that Halo Top (and all other low-calorie, sugar-free diet foods) make money off of the fact that people deprive themselves of NORMAL FOOD (read: NOUN. Food that is not low-calorie, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, or any other restriction that you can think of). Newsflash: anything that is low-calorie or sugar-free lacks nutrients that our bodies need.

This *healthy eating* trend that has taken our world (and social media accounts) by storm is getting exhausting. I’m all for eating certain foods because you like them, but I’m sick of people only eating certain foods because they feel guilty if they don’t. Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.57.33 AM

Panera has these new commercials going around right now that says something along the lines of “cravings are okay when food is good.” When I heard this one night, I made my fiance stop what he was doing and pointed out how disordered it is. Cravings are okay 100% of the time. If you’re craving a food, it’s because your body needs something in that food.

*Healthy eating* isn’t just about eating veggies and protein, it’s so much more. True *healthy eating* is enjoying the food you eat, nourishing your body, and not obsessing over the content or quality of your food. We often forget how important it is to have a healthy relationship with food, and instead we focus on the types of food we eat. That’s really only half of the equation!

These diet foods perpetuate this weird brainwashing message that we all NEED to eat a certain way to be “good,” or “pure,” or “healthy.” It’s not true–it’s disordered. French fries aren’t unhealthy, they’re a starch. Cheese isn’t fattening, it has protein and calcium. Those are things we need to live.

And believe me, overcoming these disordered thoughts isn’t easy, and I don’t mean to make it sound like fear foods should be ignored. Maybe for some people in an early stage of recovery, Halo Top is the perfect snack for them because it’s all they can emotionally handle. But please, promise me that one day, you’ll put down the Halo Top.

Real ice cream tastes better.


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